STEP 1 – Build Your Business’s Credibility

Credico, LLC credit repair Brooklyn, NY

Step 1 – The Beginning Building Blocks Of Business Credibility

Imagine if you were a bank lender who was constantly getting approached by people who claim to be business owners that want a loan.  A good percentage of these people have almost nothing to show for their business, but are asking for loan sums of over $100,000.  As a bank lender, you would want to give money to people who show proof that they really are business owners, and show proof that they can pay it back.

For most business owners, the hard part is showing that they are credible borrowers to lenders.  As such, our first step shows you all 20-plus factors that make lenders see your business as a credible company.  After we teach you about credibility steps, we help you meet all the basic requirements that lenders want to see.  This will include establishing your business as a separate incorporated financial entity, website, location, phone number, and email address.  This may sound simple to some, but truth is, it must be done in a precise way.

Most of the time, this is a tedious, long process that business owners are loathe to do.  That’s why we do the vast majority of it all for you.  This allows you to spend more of your time making sure that your business is in smooth sailing.

This first step is the most crucial step, because without it, getting any merchant accounts you may want will require you to use your own personal credit.  All of this is done with hands-on help from us to help coach you throughout the process.

Please also be sure to read our FAQ page concerning the Business Credit Builder Program for additional information.

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Credico, LLC credit repair Brooklyn, NY



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